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Benefits of Learning from British BioMedicine Institute

Understand The Biology Of The Disease

Learn about preventing, diagnosing and managing diabetes

Recognise Diabetes Complications

Explore the latest research in the Diabetic field

Acquire The Skills To Collaborate On Active Clinical Research In Diabetes

Survey up-to-date advances in diabetes management and care.

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The Skilled Post Graduate Nano Degree in Diabetes Management is multidisciplinary, bringing together key insights from multiple fields. During this masters degree you will learn about best practices in health management and diabetes from a broad range of perspectives.

Boost Your Medical Profession.

Diabetes is affecting people across the world in epidemic proportions.

The curriculum is based on the International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education produced by the International Diabetes Federation and meets the highest international standards for diabetes education.

Join Nationally and Internationally Acclaimed Research in Diabetes Care

Develop and further your knowledge of diabetes and learn the necessary skills to understand and conduct biomedical/clinical research.

Understand The Factors

contributing to the current epidemic of diabetes nationally and internationally

Support People

from various cultural backgrounds to effectively manage their diabetes, prevent complications and lead a normal life

Use Evidence

to develop and continually improve the quality of diabetes management

Be Part Of

a multidisciplinary team of educators, researchers and practitioners

Acquire Specific Skills

in such areas as critical thinking, research methods and communication skills

Enable You To

deliver high-quality evidence-based care to empower people with diabetes to self-management
Acquire deep knowledge and comprehensive intellectual integrity on the different types of diabetes and associated complications, the pathophysiology and diagnosis, as well as understanding up-to-date therapeutic approaches. The course is suitable for healthcare professionals, researchers and intercalating medical students.

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Our unique Skilled Post Graduate Diabetes Management programs was created to help current clinical professionals meet the needs of adults and children living with diabetes around the globe.